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Capt. Matthew Flinders   1774 - 1814 and Trim


2019: The remains of Captain Matthew Flinders were located in the now destroyed St. James Gardens, the former St. James Piccadilly burial ground alongside what became Euston Station in 1837. Click here

2020: Thursday 13th February - Formally announced was the date for the return of the mortal remains of Captain Matthew Flinders RN to Donington, Lincolnshire.

Owing to the COVID 19 outbreak the dates below no longer apply. Please check back here later for updated information.

Friday 17th July. Matthew will be coming back to Donington for reburial within the Church of St Mary & the Holy Rood. Starting with a parade from the middle of Donington to the Church for a Service at 11am - led by Bishop David of Lincoln. Reburial will be within the North Aisle of the Church and the ledger stone which will be on top of the grave is in design at present - it is expected to feature Australia on the design.

It is anticipated that there will be a huge demand for places at this service - so attendance will have to be by invitation / ticketed - hopefully the process of issuing the invitations will start within next few weeks to enable people to make their travel plans. Lincolnshire Tourism team are also compiling a list of suitable accommodation for those needing to book hotels. We are also anticipating a significant media presence - we have already been approached by BBC / ITV / Australian Broadcasting Company / Local Press plus a couple of independent film teams.

Saturday 18th July - there will be a Service of Celebration at Lincoln Cathedral at 3pm - we will provide more details of how to attend that as soon as we can.

Sunday 19th July - there will be an open service for all at 10:30am - which we hope will enable local people to join into the celebrations.

Overall we are hoping that this will become the beginning of a really big attraction for Donington - eventually developing into a real tourist destination - particularly for visitors from Australia where Matthew is so very well known. At this time we have to concentrate on getting the detailed planning of the July services sorted out - and the fund raising that will be required to support those services ( the ledger stone for the grave is anticipated to cost around 12000! )  Click here  for the official Donington organising committee's website


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  Marking the end of World War One hostilities 11 Nov 1918    
Commonwealth Flinders servicemen killed WW1 & WW2 World War 1 information
All known Flinders servicemen WW2, WW1, Boer War and earlier  British War Medals WW1
  Family history certificates and records    
Index to over 1,000 Flinders certificates & parish records List of research resources (in preparation)
Flinders master births, deaths, and marriages, index Flinders University Library, Adelaide


This project was initiated in 1993 to record, index and compile a database for those born with the Flinders surname, the people they married, and is still very much a "work in progress" even a quarter of a century later.  Copies of certificates and other records held will be supplied upon request.
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A census with names included was held in England and Wales every 10 years from 1841. Information is closed for 100 years, so the 1921 census will not be released until the first business day of 2022. The databases below now include data from the 1939 register of England and Wales . The Register was compiled 29 September 1939, and released version has the details of those born 1919 and later redacted, unless they died prior to 1991. Those serving in the armed forces at the time are not included. Names of some single females who married Flinders males after September 1939 are included also. Further notes below. 
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England, Wales and Scotland census indexes. Data is in family groups by year/county order from 1841 to 1911, also 1939 England and Wales. 
England, Wales and Scotland census indexes. Data shown in given name order year by year from 1841 to 1911, also 1939 England and Wales. 
Canada 1911 & 1921 Census data arranged in family groups year by year. 
USA 1860 - 1940 Census data arranged in family groups year by year. 

 Family tree databases. (Click on any database name to link to the external sites)

These databases contain details of birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial records from 1480 up until quite recent times. Information has been collected from England, Scotland, Wales, France, Canada, United States of America, India, Australia, New Zealand and southern Africa. Additional information and corrections are always welcome. If you are not sure which database applies to your query see the Master index in the menu above. This list is continually being updated, and not all names in it are necessarily recorded in any of the databases currently available.


  Included here are descendants of William Flinders born circa 1520 at Gedling. Not all Flinders people in this database link back to a common ancestor. Descendants of William Flinders born circa 1725 at Carlton, and his wife Dinah (nee Towl), are also recorded here. The younger William was likely descended from the above William Flinders, but no record of his birth or baptism has yet been found. Over 16,000 names are included in this database including families in the USA and other countries. Apply for access at the web site this link will take you to.


  This database includes two Flinders families who are seemingly not related.  Family 1 includes the descendants of John Flinders born circa 1685 and his wife Dinah nee Ceson who lived in the Heanor and Ilkeston areas of Derbyshire. Family 2 includes the descendants of Joseph Flinders born circa 1720 and his wife Ann whose maiden surname may have been Barber. They lived in Castleton and Hope areas of north Derbyshire. Apply for access at the web site this link will take you to.


  Descendants of Thomas Flinders born circa 1650 and his wife Ellen nee Grey. They married in Bedfordshire, descendants having migrated to Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, USA and Australia. Apply for access at the web site this link will take you to .


  A Flinders family with records stretching back to the late 1700's in Kentucky and Ohio, USA. Not linked to Flinders families in England as far as current research is concerned. Unfortunately the webmaster of this site no longer responds to requests for access to the site. The data as it was in 2012 when I handed the site over I still have on file. My email link is above if you have any questions concerning this information.
Census notes:

Names grayed out have not been located in census returns but the people were alive at census time. Names in blue will be found on the census returns for England and the USA The PIN is the same for both countries. Where a given name has, for example, (SMITH) appended including brackets it denotes maiden or original surname of that person. Names in GREEN may not be FLINDERS people. The information shown for census returns is the author's interpretation of what is shown on census pages when matched to other known data. Always check the original images at Ancestry, FindMypast, etc.,to confirm the information. 

The 1841 census did not include the relationships between those in same house, place of birth was simply "born in county of residence at census time YES or NO". Ages were rounded the nearest 5 years for those aged over 16 Using 1851 census and other information, data shown here for 1841 has been "constructed" to add in data missing from the original. The 1939 census was actually just a record of who lived where, their birth dates and their occupations. Using other data the relationships shown have been "constructed" and where known places of birth included.

Flinders families of OH, KY and PA are not included in the census indexes here, but are listed in the master births, marriages and deaths index.



John Flinders and Wendy Flinders of Nottingham researched many of the early records from parish registers, purchasing copies of many government and county held items of information . William Highley for his Flinders research data. Sisters Donna & Melba (nee Jones) of the USA have provided a wealth of information, and have sponsored the purchase of many marriage certificates.  Stephen Flinders of Sandiacre for his extensive Derbyshire research, Bob Pearson of Melbourne, Australia for his wide ranging research contributions and being a "sounding board". In addition John Flinders of Sutton Coldfield, England, Terry Flinders of Swindon, Colin Notman, England. Ian Flinders of Queensland, & Richard Flinders of Melbourne, Australia, who have purchased certificates as well as the providing their family information. Jan Hughes, England, for a wealth of documentation for the Flinders families of Utah, and the many others have supported this project with their own research.

Remembering also the late Witgar Hitchcock who made available his many years of research work and assisted the project up until his death in April 2007. And the late Phyllis Kelsey nee Flinders who donated her years of work for the Flinders families originally from Bedfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, but now also located in the USA, and Australia. 

Updated 24 Apr 2020

Recent changes:  Details for the deferred reburial of Capt. Matthew FLINDERS at Donington added.

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