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Capt. Matthew Flinders   1774 - 1814 and Trim


This project was initiated in 1993 to record, index and compile a database for those born with the Flinders surname, the people they married, and is still very much a "work in progress" even a quarter of a century later.  Copies of certificates and other records held will be supplied upon request.


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  Flinders master births, deaths, and marriages, index, worldwide.  
  Index to over 1,000 Flinders certificates & parish records, worldwide.  
  England, Wales and Scotland census indexes. Family group order by year/county order from 1841 to 1911, & 1939.   
  England, Wales and Scotland census indexes. Given name order year by year from 1841 to 1911, & 1939.   
    The 1939 Register for Scotland has not been included in the above.  
  Canada 1911 & 1921 Census data arranged in family groups year by year.   
  USA 1860 - 1940 Census data arranged in family groups year by year.   
    Census notes (click here)  
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Flinders family trees online (Click on any of the four database names to link to the external sites)

    Nottinghamshire    Derbyshire   Cambridgeshire   Kentucky
  Nottinghamshire from late 1400s Derbyshire from late 1600s Bedfordshire from early 1700s Pennsylvania
  Ontario from 1920s Ontario from 1940s Utah from 1880s Ohio
  Utah from 1860s NSW from 1930s Victoria from 1970s Kentucky
  NZ from 1874            
  West Australia from 1880s            
  Transvaal from early 1900s           Tree document Click here
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    War indexes and associated information (Click on any poppy to open file)
  Commonwealth Flinders servicemen killed WW1 & WW2
  All known Flinders servicemen WW2, WW1, Boer War and earlier 
  World War 1 information
  British War Medals WW1
  Flinders University Library, Adelaide (Click here)



John Flinders and Wendy Flinders of Nottingham researched many of the early records from parish registers, purchasing copies of many government and county held items of information . William Highley for his Flinders research data. Sisters Donna (1936 - 2016) & Melba (nee Jones) of the USA have provided a wealth of information, and have sponsored the purchase of many marriage certificates.  Stephen Flinders of Sandiacre for his extensive Derbyshire research, Bob Pearson of Melbourne, Australia for his wide ranging research contributions and being a "sounding board". In addition John Flinders (1940 - 2020) of Sutton Coldfield, England, Terry Flinders of Swindon, Colin Notman, England. Ian Flinders of Queensland, & Richard Flinders of Melbourne, Australia, who have purchased certificates as well as the providing their family information. Jan Hughes, England, for a wealth of documentation for the Flinders families of Utah, and the many others have supported this project with their own research.

Remembering also the late Witgar Hitchcock who made available his many years of research work and assisted the project up until his death in April 2007. Also the late Phyllis Kelsey nee Flinders who donated her years of work for the Flinders families originally from Bedfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, but now also located in the USA, and Australia. 

    Updated 18 June 2020

Recent changes:  Notes for deferred reburial of Capt. Matthew FLINDERS at Donington added.

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