Capt. Matthew Flinders aged about 28


Capt. Matthew Flinders & Trim



In late January  2019 came the exciting news that the remains of Captain Matthew Flinders have been exhumed from the now destroyed St. James Gardens, (formerly St. James, Piccadilly, burial ground),  which were alongside Euston Station, London. It had been feared up until then that his remains had been lost sometime before the 1860s when part of the burial ground was cleared of monuments and headstones. In 1887 nearly all the remaining headstones were removed when the burial ground was transformed into a public park.

St. James Gardens closed in 2018 to make way for the expansion of Euston Station to cater for the HS 2 (high speed) train links to the Midlands, north west and northern England, serving the 30 million people resident along the route. click here

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  London June 2019
Function at Australia House
  London January 2019

Remains of Captain Matthew Flinders discovered

Image of the lead breastplate located in the grave
St. James Gardens: History and images taken just before closure in 2018
ABC News (Australia) 26 Jan 2019 Report with links to related items
ABC News (Australia) 29 Jan 2019 Lead breastplate confirms grave of Matthew Flinders
Matthew Flinders : "The Man History Forgot". With direct descendants Rachel & Susie
Direct descendants Rachel & Susie interviewed about the discovery of Matthew's remains
Donington, Lincolnshire. Birth place of Matthew Flinders

London July 20th, 2014. Placing the statue at Euston Station.

Construction of the statue
The unveiling ceremony at Australia House, London, 19 July 2014
Attendees at the unveiling 19 Jul 2014
Flinders Memorial website
  Books, online books, and documentaries about Matthew Flinders
A comprehensive history of the life of Matthew Flinders RN by Ernest Scott.
A Voyage to Terra Australis by Matthew Flinders Vol 1
A Voyage to Terra Australis by Matthew Flinders Vol 2
Matthew Flinders' letters. Use the search query  "Matthew Flinders letters" at this site and click on any of the textual records results
Will of Matthew Flinders 1814
  Encounter 2002 at Adelaide, South Australia commemorating the Flinders - Baudin 1802 meeting
Attendees at the 2002 commemoration events. Who can supply more images ?

"The Navigators - Baudin vs Flinders - Part 1"

"The Navigators - Baudin vs Flinders - Part 2"

In Flinders Wake

  Mauritius 2003 marking 200 years since Matthew landed and was held prisoner there

Images from the Flinders commemoration events in Mauritius, and Keith's visit to Geelong, Australia, afterwards.

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